The island of Rhodes except for the beautiful beaches and medieval streets is one of the most suitable places for wine tourism.

Rhodes is famous for its fine wines thanks to its Mediterranean climate which is characterized by bright sunshine and mild winters, while excessive heat and high temperatures are tempered by the northerly winds during summer time. At the same time, the humidity is intense and during the winter and autumn months frequent rainfall occurs. This whole scene composes ideal climatic conditions for the growth of vines.

The island of Rhodes developed especially important commercial relations with the East since ancient times because of its strategic position and the unique wine of Rhodes was one of the main export products. Until today, the Rhodian wine varieties continue to impress people throughout the world and they are characterized by their uniqueness and tastefulness.

Prior to talking on the wine varieties that we meet during our journey in Rhodes, we should not forget to mention that the vineyards of Rhodes haven’t been hit by phylloxera, a disease that affects vineyards. So, wine lovers will have the chance to see vines over 70 years old.

The grape varieties that grow in Rhodes are Athiri and Mantilaria or otherwise Amorgiano and they are the two dominant varieties labeled to a designation of origin. Meanwhile, two other wines with ELD are white Muscat and Muscat Trani. Furthermore, Rhodes was the first Greek region that established the local sparkling wine.

The main vineyard of Rhodes lies on the slopes of Mount Attaviros and because of the altitude and the steepness of the slope, harvesters tend to shape their vineyards in terraces. This is why we come across with many small wine villages and many wineries that differ in the wine they produce, depending on the altitude. As the altitude increases the variety of Athiri is met in greater proportions while Amorgiano is becoming scarcer. The other vineyard of Rhodes is located close to the valley of the butterflies where we can also meet fine varieties of Rhodian wine.

Wines of Rhodes is a tradition that has been enhanced with expertise, contemporary technology and ‘’meraki”, a word that describes doing something with soul, creativity and love. During your holidays in Rhodes, follow the wine routes and live that unique experience.