The Valley of the Butterflies is a 600 acre paradise that contains small bridges, streams, rare varieties of pine trees, several plants and of course butterflies.

It is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Rhodes town, near the village Kalamonas and is one of the island’s must- visit attractions during your stay in Rhodes. The valley attracts every year thousands of butterflies during the summer months, June to September, and particularly a rare subspecies Panaxia Quadripunctaria Butterfly or the Tetragonostiktos.

This unique habitat of Europe is the summer shelter of these butterflies, which travel during the night following the water roads and gradually flood the valley. The area climate has the ideal conditions consisting of dew and moisture so as butterflies to breed.

Each year the area attracts thousands of tourists and scientists who come to enjoy or explore this rare phenomenon. Visitors can approach the habitat by following a country road around the island or travel by bus.

After your quite exploration you will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal or a refreshment at the restaurant under the shade of trees.